NAKANO and TANEMURA Laboratory, Dept. of Electrical Engineering

Research Activities (Japanese)

  • Compound semiconductor nano-photonic devices
  • Grants-Aid for Scientific Research-Specially Promoted Research:
    "Research on reconfigurable unitary optical mode converters and wavefront synthesizers using semiconductor photonic integrated circuits"
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  • Research and development of post-silicon ultra-high efficiency solar cells (2008-2014)
    (a part of the NEDO project on gResearch and development of innovative solar power generation technologiesh)
  • Research and development exploring approaches towards significantly high performances in solar power generation technologies by utilizing new materials and structures, and demonstrating their feasibility.
  • Research and development of ultra-high efficiency low-cost III-V compound solar cell modules (2015-2019)
    (a part of the NEDO project on gDevelopment of LCOE reduction technologies in high performance and high reliability solar power generationh)
  • Research and development of breakthrough technologies for high-efficiency solar cells and modules, such as ultra-high efficinecy by quantum dots and superlattices, high-speed epitaxial growth, growth and boding on low-cost substrates, and recycling of high-cost substrates.
  • France CNRS LIA "NextPV" (International Joint Laboratory on Next Generation Photovoltaic Power Generation)
  • Francefs National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and RCAST entered into a general agreement on May 24, 2012, to collaborate on research and development of new energies such as next-generation solar energy technology.
    Through the international alliance program at CNRS, the Laboratoire International Associe (LIA) Next PV office was established at RCAST in October 2012 as a center for the research.
    The center will focus on expanding collaboration on new energies, including biomass and hydrogen energy in addition to solar energy, in collaboration with laboratories and research institutions from within and beyond the University.
  • nextpv
  • Renewable energy system based on sunlight energy: Global Solar+ Initiative. The University Of Tokyo (GS+I)
  • GSI
  • METI national project "Creation and operation of higher education platform under UAE-Japan academia-industry partnership"
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  • LAPAREX : DFBlaser parameter extraction program
    is the favourite DFB laser parameter extraction program.
    It is now re-compiled for current versions of Windows, Linux, and Mac OS (June 2014).
    Don't forget to send feedback to "nakano[at]".