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Yuheng Guo(D2, Electrical Engineering) received the Best Presentation Award at AIBC2023.
Publication & Awards

Yuheng Guo (D2, Electrical Engineering) received the Best Presentation Award at AIBC2023 (2023 4th International Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain Conference) held on October 28-29, 2023, at the University of Aizu (AizuWakamatsu City).

Name of award and short explanation about the award:

Best Presentation Award

This award is presented for a recognition of an excellent presentation in AIBC2023.

About awarded research:

Yuheng Guo, Lingfeng Zhang, Yepeng Ding, Junwei Yu and Hiroyuki Sato; In-Air Signature Time Series End-to-End Deep Learning Classification Dimension-wise Feature Selection for Smartwatch Sensors Based on Shapley Values, AI and Blockchain (AIBC) 2023, October, 2023.

Signatures have a special meaning in authentication, especially in behavioral authentication. The authors' group has proposed to perform authentication by the actual act of signing using a smartwatch. In this paper, first, the authors have examined the accuracy of the typical models when performing classification from data measured by smartwatches, the authors have clarified which type of sensed data contributes most to accuracy by calculating the Shapley value, which is used in game theory, etc., and found that angular velocity data in particular has a high contribution. Based on these results, we expect that various improvements will eventually lead to the practical application of behavior authentication by signature acts with high accuracy and efficiency.

Your impression & future plan:

I am very honored to be awarded the Best Presentation Award. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all the authors and collaborators who are working on this research.

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