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2nd year A semester

The 2A semester deals with subjects that will form the basis for future study in specialized fields.

3rd year S semester

Students will continue to study subjects that are relatively basic in the 3S semester. In addition, experiments will begin, and students will acquire knowledge by actually moving their hands.

3rd year A semester

There are more elective courses in the 3A semester, and you can take lectures that match your interests. You will also select experiments from the fields that interest you, and it will be an opportunity to reconsider your interests before being assigned to a laboratory.

4th year S semester

Students start their research in the laboratory from the 4th year, but they also have lectures in the S semester. Students will choose several lectures on themes that interest them.

4th year A semester

In the A semester, you will have more time to devote to research in preparation for submitting your graduation thesis.