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Raito Suzuki(M1) received IEICE-EMT 2023.
Publication & Awards

On 6th March 2024, Raito Suzuki(M1/Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Graduate School of Engineering) received the Best Student Presentation Award, IEICE-EMT 2023.

Name of award and short explanation about the award

Best Student Presentation Award, IEICE-EMT 2023
This award is presented as a recognition of the best student presenter in the conference of IEICE Technical committee of Electromagnetic Theory.

About awarded research(activity)
Raito Suzuki, Akira Hirose, Ryo Natsuaki,"Extending Observation Coverage of SAR by Separating Range Ambiguities -- Proposal of FM-chirp Signals Using PN-sequences with Variable Chip Rates --", IEICE Tech. Rep., vol. 123, no. 251, EMT2023-77, pp. 81-86, Nov. 2023. 

In this work, we proposed a method to extend the observation coverage of synthetic aperture radar (SAR), by separating range ambiguous signals with specific radar waveform. The waveform is made by applying Pseudo Noise sequence (PN-sequence) to Frequency Modulation chirp (FM-chirp) pulses. The simulation results showed that the proposed method successfully separates multiple range ambiguous signals by suppressing peak power of range ambiguities for 21.6 to 23.8 dB.

Your impression & future plan

I am honored to receive this award.

I'd like to express my sincere gratitude to my professors and laboratory

members for their guidance.

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