2021 Graduate Summer Semester I
"Integrated Photonics (1 credit)"

Prof. Yoshiaki Nakano, Dept. of EEIS, Graduate School of Engineering

8:30 am -10:15 am, Monday
online lecture via zoom (URL is shown on the UTAS page)

ScheduleFApril 5, 19, 26, May 10, 17, 24, and May 31 as a backup)

Please check this web page and department posting repeatedly for possible change of schedule.

‘Lecture Slides 1 (4/5)

‘Lecture Slides 2 (4/19)

‘Lecture Slides 3 (4/26)

‘Lecture Slides 4 (5/10)

‘Lecture Slides 5 (5/17)

‘Lecture Slides 6 (5/24)

The password to open the slide file is found on the ITC-LMS page.

The evaluation is based on the attendance to lectures (through ITC-LMS) and on the final assignment. The one time password for ITC-LMS attendance entry will be shown at the beginning of each lecture.

Final Assignment

Due on Monday, July 5, 2021.
Obtain and submit the final assignment task from/to the ITC-LMS page.

Submission is mandatory to receive the credit of this lecture.

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