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Research on Intelligence for Space Exploration

Actuation and Control

Exploration Rover,Traverse on rough terrain ,Environment recognition,Behavior planning,Tele-science

Advanced intelligence is strongly required for spacecraft and explorer to land on and explore the surface directly, safely, reliably, and efficiently in deep space such as the moon, planets, small bodies. Kubota Lab is promoting some researches on intelligent explorer for the near future missions, SELENE-series, Hayabusa series, Mars missions, and other exploration missions. The first theme is recognition by robotic vision, which includes research on vision system for planetary exploration, image processing, recognition algorithm, terrain mapping, sensor fusion, obstacle detection, natural terrain understanding, visual tracking etc. The second theme is behavior planning for rover, which includes researches on path planning, localization, map matching, behavior planning, semi tele-operation, action learning, cooperative exploration for autonomous explorer in deep space exploration etc. The third one is mobility mechanism for explorer, which includes walking robot with multiple legs, mole type robot for subsurface exploration, mobility system for wheeled robots, novel rover under micro gravity environment, micro probe robot etc. The last one is tele-science for exploration robot, which includes advanced tele-operation, small, light-weighted manipulator, smart end-effector, sampling mechanism, control methods etc.

Exploration Robots

Exploration Robots

Contact Takashi Kubota(Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Systems, Graduate School of Engineering (Sagamihara Campus))
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